Why Am I Asking For Money

My goal is to open a walk-in Herbal Consultation facility. I want to offer private, one on one consultations as well as teach clients how to prepare their herbs on-site.

This is why I am asking for donations. The monthly rental on such a facility is estimated between $800-$1500.

Operating costs have not yet been calculated, but I want to have a no-paper, completely digital facility with minimal waste.

This means I will need computers, tablets, monitors, scanning devices, and an integrated POS system in place. All of this would run on high-speed internet.

All donated funds will be dedicated to this purpose alone.

One-time donors will have one 1 hour consult.
Monthly donors will have 5 1 hour consults as well as 1 herbal preparation walkthrough.

All donors will be updated on progress on a monthly basis by email.

Thank you in advance for helping me achieve this dream.

Gwendolyn J


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